About U3A Tutors

U3A tutors are volunteers who give their planning and teaching time for free.

How to become a tutor

To be a tutor, you don’t necessarily need to have a background in teaching or lecturing or be an expert in your field. If you are passionate about or have a strong interest in a particular subject, an interest that you think others might share, then consider offering a class in that special interest.

If you are an empathetic person and looking to share your skills, then volunteering to become a tutor is an ideal way to contribute to U3A Bairnsdale.

As a ‘Let’s Do’ leader you enable other members to share a common interest in walking, cycling, movies and so on without necessarily teaching anything.

Guidelines for acceptable types of classes

No class, or class-associated activities, should be used to advertise goods or services in which a tutor or class member has any financial interest.

Where religion is involved in the subject matter of a course, the only acceptable treatment is through comparative religion. There should be no classes that advocate a particular religion or ideology and there should be no proselytising.

Where politics is involved in the subject matter of a course it should provide a balanced view. It should not promote any party or cause.

The only classes dealing with health or nutrition that can be accepted are those run by people with recognised formal qualifications in those fields.

Classes on alternative or controversial subjects will be examined by the Management Committee or its appointed representatives before being approved. Any tutor who, in the judgment of the Management Committee, causes concern with class content will be required to submit a plan setting out the subject to be taught and how contentious issues will be addressed in class.

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Zoom Classes

Tutors can offer online Zoom classes as an alternative to face-to-face classes. 

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Course Proposal

If you’re interested in becoming a Tutor or a “Let’s Do” Leader
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