35 Years History

The writing of this document used a variety of sources. Information from the minutes of the Committee and Annual General Meetings. Recollections of long-standing members, previous histories of the association and archived materials informed the contents. Previous brief history summaries abound but authors not acknowledged. A collection of writings for the 10th and 20th anniversary of U3A existed. The latter included articles from the 10th anniversary booklet. Variation occurs in the documents as individual recollections of the beginnings and development of the organisation vary as each member views developments from their point of view.

This document’s intentions are to: –

~Provide an overview of the development of the U3A in Bairnsdale. This is not definitive. It is a volunteer’s exercise in trying to sort out the archives and record at a minimum, those volunteers who have contributed to its development.

~Acknowledge the people who have worked on the Committees to create the amazing organisation that exists today.

~Celebrate the success achieved in 35 years.

Housekeeping notes: One challenge of this project is points of view on grammar and spelling. To this end Microsoft Word English is the arbiter. The other is style. This is an overview, not just telling a story but acknowledging the context of the time, social changes over the years and the changing nature of the participating cohort. In addition, individual writing styles vary and maintaining the voice of the writer is a consideration.

The support and encouragement of Joy Green, President, Judy Mann, Secretary, and their Committee are acknowledged and appreciated.

Lorraine Scott
Project Coordinator