In 2012 Bairnsdale & District Inc celebrated its twenty fifth anniversary – a tribute to the many who volunteered their time and effort in an organization which has some activity six days a week during the Victorian school terms semesters.

To get the full story click on the link and you will be able to download the short history we produced when we celebrated our 20th Anniversary.

The disadvantages which rural towns used to have when compared with their urban centres counterparts are diminishing with the advances in the digital world.  U3A Bairnsdale relocated to its present address in the Community College East Gippsland campus in 2009 where we have excellent audio visual and computer facilities which help to widen the range of courses on offer.

U3A Bairnsdale is managed by a committee elected by the members.  The committee consists of four executive officers and not more than six general committee members.  It meets monthly and is responsible for the management of U3A.

Bairnsdale U3A, like all U3A organizations, is supported by members’ fees and assisted financially by some government grants.  We are affiliated with U3A Victoria Network which has 98 U3A groups and, which in turn is part of the world wide U3A organization.

The Network is an invaluable source of ideas and support.

You may also like to look at the U3A Online website which operates various on line courses for it's members.