Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can join U3A Bairnsdale?
A. Persons aged 50 or older who are not working fulltime.

Q. What is the cost of membership?
A. Membership for a full calendar year is $50 payable between January and June. From 1 July the membership fee is reduced to $30 for the second half of the calendar year. The fee for an Associate Member is $10. An Associate Member is an active member of another U3A.

Q. Are there any other costs involved after paying the membership fee?
A. There is no fee for classes, but it is important that you sign in each time you attend a session and drop $2 in the tin to help pay for class materials.
Members also pay for excursions and social functions (Dining out, Christmas breakup, etc) some of which are subsidised by U3A Bairnsdale.

Q. Who are the group leaders and are they paid?
A. All leaders volunteer their time – there is no payment.  Leaders are U3A members or any person who is willing to share their knowledge with a class.

Q. Are the committee members paid?
A. All committee members are volunteers. There is no payment.

Q. How can I help U3A Bairnsdale?
A. U3A Bairnsdale is operated entirely by volunteers, and all members are encouraged to contribute some of their time for the benefit of all.  You can participate in several ways:- as a committee member, tutoring, office help, catering, publicity and promotion, newsletter, and much more. Just ask how you can help.

Q. Can I join any class or do I need to book a place?
A. The size of computer classes is limited so you need to book places in these, but otherwise group size is usually limited only by the number of seats available in the classroom unless the tutor specified otherwise.

Q. Is U3A Bairnsdale open all the year?
A. U3A terms follow those of the Victorian Government schools although some activities continue through the holidays - e.g. Ambling, Films and Dining out.

Q. Do I need formal qualifications?
A. No.

Q. What if I am a disabled person are there special arrangements?
A. We have some special arrangements for disabled people including ramps to access the premises plus two parking spots reserved for the disabled we also have one toilet for disabled people as required by law. As technology improves we will be providibg more technological help for disabled people.

Q.  Are there any tests and examinations.
A. No. We seek to achieve a pleasant learning environment which encourages participation, enjoyment and social interaction  The pressure of tests would spoil that ambience. See our home page.