Energy for Seniors - 10am Wednesday 1st May 2019

For the sessions in Term 2 Mike Hinchey will be continuing with his "Energy for Seniors". Dates will be 1 May, 12 June and 26 June.


 Environmental Sustainability - next session 10am Wednesday 24th April 2019

In term 2, the Environmental Sustainability sessions will commence on 24th April 2019, the first Wednesday after Easter. During Term 2, sessions will be on every Wednesday, other than the dates for Mike Hinchey's 'Energy for Seniors' (see above). The topic for the first E/S session will be Electric Vehicles (EVs), some of the myths surrounding EVs, and how electricity networks will be able to manage the impacts of renewably-powered EVs.  Details of the expected topics for subsequent Term 2 sessions will be posted closer to each date. If you have any queries regarding these sessions : contact Alistair Mailer on 03 5156 1300.

Meantime, here are some recent background articles on environmental issues that may be of interest - click on the highlighted link to access the file :

(i) Ethical investment - How green is my fund, really ?
    Australian Financial Review 17 April 2019

(ii) Tips to reduce your waste this Easter - but don't worry, you can still eat chocolate.

   Jennie Downes    The Conversation    18 April 2019
(iii) The toll of tourism : can Southeast Asia save its prized natural areas ?

   Nithin Coca          Yale Environment 360    18 April 2019

(iv) Why protesters should be wary of '12 years to climate breakdown' rhetoric

   Myles Allen          The Conversation           19 April 2019

(v) Our leaders are ignoring global warming to the point of criminal negligence. It's unforgiveable.

   Tim Winton          The Guardian                  20 April 2019


Money Matters - 1pm Friday 3rd May and 7 June 2019

In Term 2 Bonnie Walker will arrange discussions. Contact Bonnie on 5152 7575 for more information.




Saturday 13th April  -  My Favourite Brunette starring Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour

Saturday 20th April – No Movies as Easter Saturday


GREAT WORKS OF THE 19TH CENTURY – Rosemary Jennings – 0400 564 250


CHESS – Bob Parrott - 5156 7925
Monday  8th 15th, 22nd  April, Room 17  -  10.00 am to 12.00 pm.

BOOK CLUB – Pat Jarrett – 5157 1491
Monday 15th April – Book Club 3 – Room 23  -  1.00 pm to 3.00 pm

KINGWALKERS – Ann Guy – 5152 6147, Ring Thursday to confirm
Friday 12th April – Kingwalkers – Den of Nargun  -  Start  9 am sharp at St Mary’s Church

AMBLERS – Carol Johnson – 0412 778 530  -  9.20 am weather permitting
April 12th – Eagle Point Old Road, or Eagle Point Foreshore Walk
April 19th -  Good Friday – walk T.B.A.


BETTER BALANCE – Lesley Prosser – 0410 670 649
Tuesday Weekly - Room 16 – 12.15 pm to 1.00 pm

FLOWERS FOR ARRANGING – Irene Furtulla – 0411 124 292
Wednesdays Weekly – Room 15 – 9.30 am to 11.30 pm       




Dining Out 2018

Venues & Dates


Second Friday each month at 12.30 pm


Fourth Saturday each month at 6.00 pm

 June 14th


August 9th


September 13th


October 11th


November 8th


December 13th

Nicholson Hotel, Nicholson


The Long Paddock, Lindenow


Metung Hotel, Metung


Paynesville Hotel, Paynesville


The Stables, Bairnsdale



May 25th


June 22nd


July 27th


August 24th


October 26


November 23rd 

Indian Restaurant, Bairnsdale


Bairnsdale Club, Bairnsdale


Covention Centre, Bairnsdale


Lake of China, Bairnsdale




Main Hotel, Bairnsdale 

Please let us know by midday the preceding Thursday so that a booking can be made


 Enquiries regarding these events contact - Claire Beecher on 5152 3729


Further information about the program can be found in the Newsletter or by contacting the U3A office