Please note - Fourth Term starts on Monday 3rd February 2019


Environmental Sustainability Blue Dot**

The next U3A Environmental Sustainability session is scheduled for 10am on Wednesday 12th December 2018. In this last session for the term, apart from various news items, I would like to discuss how carbon dioxide might be removed from the atmosphere should the world be unable to limit emissions sufficiently to minimise the currently anticipated extent of global warming. There will also be an end-of-term exam (i.e. Christmas quiz, with prizes), so start swotting now on the subjects covered during 2018.

Meantime, here are some background articles that may be of interest :

(i)                  “ ‘World’s worst environmental disaster’ set to be repeated with controversial new dam in Africa”
Timothy Clack                         The Conversation                          28 November 2018

(ii)                “Computing faces an energy crunch unless new technologies are found”
Daisy Wang & Jared Cole      The Conversation                          28 November 2018

(iii)               “Why battery-powered vehicles stack up better than hydrogen”
Jake Whitehead et al             The Conversation                          30 November 2018

(iv)               “Clean Up Australia’s eco-friendly Christmas 2019 guide”
Clean Up Australia                                                                           4th December 2018

 A few recent articles are attached to keep the grey matter ticking over -

   Infographics - Why farmers are ideally positioned to fight climate change   
   Is warming bringing a wave of new diseases to Arctic wildlife?   
   Drugs in Bugs: 69 pharmaceuticals found in invertebrates living in Melbourne's streams   
   Wind turbines aren't quite 'apex predators' but the truth is far more interesting


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